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14" Heng Gong: Best in Show

by Andrew Borakove May 09, 2017

This was the moment he’'d been waiting for.
All winter and spring he had tirelessly and devotedly tended to his Heng Gong. He had seen it through some rough nights and played it every day to make sure it grew up into a fine example of a fourteen inch Heng.

He had kept the mallet which accompanied the gong in peak condition. Now the rim was nice and full, the metal was thick, and it would sing with a deep tone that would make the deep-tone-loving angels weep.

Weep like Gay Cowboys at the end of Fashion Rodeos.

Weep like Astronauts Dreaming of a burger in Space.

Weep Tattooed Tears onto the faces of Norwegian Priests.

This was the moment when he would find out if all his efforts had been worthwhile. He watched with held breath as the judge made her rounds in the room, carefully examining every submission. He knew he had some tough competition; he had gone out and scouted everything he was up against.

There were a few that gave him cause to pause. For instance, in the vegetable division, there were some quality items that had already attracted some accolades...

In the science experiment category there was a mesmerizing display submitted by a young competitor...

And in the performance arena, the finely-honed routines and techniques of the competitors were on full display...

This is what it all comes down to.

The judge made a few final notations on her clipboard and stepped up to the podium. “Wow, what a diverse and impressive field of entries we have this year,” she said. “It was incredibly difficult to decide on, ‘What are the things that stand out above the rest?’ But, I think we’'ve done it. The winning entry demonstrates the attention and loving care that always seem to shine through in the finest things. This year’s Best in Show is awarded to the 14”” Heng gong with mallet included. Congratulations-” He felt the air rush out of his chest. He knew he had done something good. He demonstrated his 14”" Heng Gong for the gathered crowd.

Its deep tones rolling out over their applause.

He grinned, suffused with a deep inner contentment and outwardly beamed with joy. At Gongs Unlimited we’'ve raised a whole passel of these 14”" Heng Gongs.

We put a mallet in with every one we ship.

We’'ve done the work so you can reap the rewards. Get one of these beauties for your own collection and see what excellence sounds like.

Andrew Borakove
Andrew Borakove


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