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A Sound Healing and Meditation with a 26" Flower of Life Gong

by Max Holmquist December 09, 2019

The Flower of Life is a powerful geometric phenomenon dating at least as far back as 799 BC. It is formed from the repeated overlapping arcs of six circles radiating around the central point of a seventh circle. An outer ring of 13 circles is added to form the full Flower of Life. Many other elemental geometric shapes will appear when meditating on this powerful image.

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Flower of Life 26" Mother Tesla Gong

Meditate on the Flower of Life by staring at this Flower of Life on a 26" Mother Tesla Gong. What shapes do you see?

By charging the gong with this symbol, adding a visual element to a sound bath or sound healing, the mind is more easily moved to a meditative healing space. Other elements can further aid this process, like lighting, scent, decor, temperature, anything that stimulates and massages the senses can help to put the recipient in a better space for healing and growth.

Watch as Andrew gives a sound healing with our Flower of Life 26" Mother Tesla Gong:

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Max Holmquist
Max Holmquist