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A Sound Healing and Meditation with the Paiste 38" Earth Gong

by Max Holmquist March 04, 2020

The virtual meditation room has reappeared before you. What were you just doing? Walking to the break room? Doing a chore at home? Out for a walk? Whatever it is, you've earned yourself a moment. So take that moment and spend it with us in peaceful, meditative harmony.

Before you press play on this video, take a few moments to get yourself in a comfortable position. Maybe you want to turn down the lights. Whatever puts you at ease, get yourself there. Take a few breathes through your nose, hold, and release through your mouth slowly.

This meditation and sound healing features Paiste's 38" Earth Gong. It's tuned to C# in the 2nd octave (136.1 Hz) according to the calculations by physicist Hans Cousto in his work "The Cosmic Octave" (see his Planetware Tuning Forks in our store). The Earth Gong is deep, with expanding harmonics that build over the fundamental note, creating a complex wash of tones and wobbling micro-tonal beats. Read more below about Earth as it relates to Spirit and enjoy a light guided meditation and visualization.

In astrology, the planet Earth represents the reference point for all aspects. It may not be the center of the Solar System, but it is the center of a human life. All other planetary, house, and sign placements in a birth chart are relative to your place on Earth. Earth is the incubator, the womb of all life as we currently know and understand it. The esoteric element of Earth represents grounding, sensitivity, and practicality.

Thinking in terms of spirit, the Earth represents the body, the vessel for the soul. It carries one through a life. The body, like the earth, is a gift given to the soul, allowing it to live a conscious, linear, life. It allows the possibility of experience.

Listen to the deep vibrations of the Earth and reflect on your body. Scan your body for sensations. Where do you feel good? Where do you feel pain, stress, tension, pressure? Ground spirit to the body, and the body to the Earth, and allow its vibrations to move through you, loosening your tension. Let the Earth receive your anxiety, stress, and pain. Imagine these feelings, thoughts, and sensations, passively notice these things, without judgement. These things push us out of our bodies, rejecting the gifts of Earth.

Imagine these things effortlessly moving down through an invisible chute in your body, down through your first chakra, down into the floor, straight into the ground and deep into the Earth, far into the molten core where they're melted down to base elements and recycled.

Now imagine Spirit coming down through your seventh chakra at the top of your head, filling your body with warm, healing light, extending to your extremities and into your aura, rejuvenating you, putting you fully in your body, completing the connection and balancing your mind, body and spirit.

To purchase this style of gong or to look at other Planetary Tuned Gongs from Paiste, click here.

If you have any questions about this gong or any other gongs, please contact us.

Max Holmquist
Max Holmquist


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