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A Sound Healing and Meditation with the Paiste Synodic Moon Gong

by Max Holmquist April 25, 2019

Step into our virtual sound healing box. Watch your head. Turn down the lights and get comfortable. Take a slow, deep breath, through your nose. Hold it briefly. Exhale slowly through your mouth. Do this a few more times until you are feeling relaxed.

Now, press play and listen to our Synodic Moon gong sound healing. Give yourself a few moments of deep meditation. Let the power of Paiste’s Synodic Moon Gong create a powerful healing experience for you.

The energy of the moon deals with emotions, feelings, and intuition. This gong can help to loosen and release emotions that you’re holding onto which are not your own. It aids in clearing energetic blocks preventing you from living in harmony. Many people experience a balancing of their inner male and female energies.

In astronomy, the synodic cycle of the moon (the lunar month) is the period of time between one new moon and the next.

The Synodic Moon Gong is tuned at G#2 (210.42 Hz). To find this frequency, mathematician Hans Cousto doubled the periodic frequency of the moon's synodic, orbital cycle multiple times until the frequency reached the audible range.

Through this process, he refined his theory of the law of the Cosmic Octave. He calculated the audible octave frequencies of all of the planetary bodies in our solar system, allowing us to work with the energies of the planets in sound therapy.

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Max Holmquist
Max Holmquist