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A Sound Healing and Meditation with Unlmited Body Bells

by Max Holmquist July 15, 2019

Our Unlimited Body Bells are traditionally called Chung Cymbals. They're made of B20 bronze in the Chinese cymbal-making tradition. They are unique compared to other popular cymbals, with their large, pronounced bell and their flat brim, each comprising about half of the surface area of the instrument.

The bell portion of the instrument creates a deeper, cleaner tone, what you would imagine when you think of a bell-tone. The rim of the instrument opens the sound up to what you would traditionally think of when you imagine a cymbal. It has a broader range of overtones and harmonics with a crash building over the top.

We love the versatility brought by adding a set to a sound bath or sound healing. They're great hand-held instruments and perfect for waving over the body, washing it in a range of tones and harmonics.

Listen and receive this sound healing that VJ did for Kit using these Unlimited Body Bells:

If you think Body Bells might be perfect for your sound therapy, spiritual healing, yoga, or mindfulness practice, take a look at what we have available here: Unlimited Body Bells

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Max Holmquist
Max Holmquist