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Gong Mallet Recommendations from Gus Kund

by Max Holmquist January 15, 2020

The world of gongs and gong accessories is a watercolor sunset painting. There are many colors and tones to absorb and it can be overwhelming figuring out what's right for you. We offer a technicolor rainbow of gong and mallet options. Each combination brings something new and unique to the table. So where do you start?

Our Unlimited friend and patron Gus Kund is a gong and percussion aficionado. We love his gong videos, so we asked him to offer his take on some of the mallets we offer. He put together a great video explaining some of the finer details of gong mallets. We hope it helps you on your gong mallet journey.

Watch as he paints a happy little sunset of gong mallet recommendations just for you (and check out our time stamps with mallet links below):

Follow Gus and the "I love Gongs" YouTube channel here.

(0:52) - Paiste M2 Mallet
(1:54) - Dragonfly Resonance Mallet
(3:01) - Unlimited Gong Rollers (replacing Balter GM4 Rollers)
(3:55) - Ollihess Lite 200 Mallet
(5:30) - Paiste M7 Mallet
(6:19) - Unlimited Chinese Gong Mallet
(6:45) - Ollihess L355 Mallet

Max Holmquist
Max Holmquist