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Instrument Highlight: Sew Handpans

by M H December 28, 2022

Sew Handpans! No, that's not a command! It's a brand of handpans! They began creating artisanal handpans in Italy in 2015 and their beautifully handcrafted instruments have been reverberating dulcet tones around the globe ever since. Each of these innovative creations is as much a tool of sonic healing as a piece of physical art.

They take extra care to source the highest-quality materials and to create exclusive metal domes themselves. They test all of their materials and instruments to guarantee quality before they send them out into the world. Tons of love and attention are put into each instrument to ensure accuracy and perfection in each piece, creating a powerful tool for sound healers and musicians alike.

We think these are a perfect gift for the sound healer in your life–even if that sound healer is you! Why not spread the love and joy of sound with one of these beautiful instruments? Below, we take a look at each of the styles we offer and see if one of these will be coming down the chimney in a couple weeks. 


Sew Woodpans

Okay, now! Do it! Sew them! Sew their natural tones like cottonwood seeds to the wind, let their song float upon waves of air, carrying you through the peaceful woodlands of sonic wonder and merriment. 

These Woodpans are an innovative creation straight from the heart and soul of Sew Handpans. They sought to create something that could reach a new spiritual frequency, as they put it–the frequency of nature, the frequency of the heart. 

These unique creations feature a specially treated metal that offers more stability and power to the overall sonic experience, balanced with a warmth and softness from aged, 50-year-old wood sourced from the best luthiers in Europe. 

Listen to one of these amazing Woodpans below: 


Sew Opera Stainless Steel Handpans

Their Opera series of Handpans is their first series of stainless steel instruments. Inspired by the Renaissance elements and the full-bodied wall of sound and tonal colors that comes from an entire orchestra, these handpans have a warmer overall sound and longer sustain than your average handpan. 

Due to the nature of the metal, these handpans are easily activated, making them approachable for anyone who wants to play. Their sound is perfect for anyone seeking a new sonic tool for mindfulness during yoga and meditation. 

You can hear one of these Stainless Steel beauties below:


Sew Maestro Matte Black Handpans

With a slightly thinner metal than Sew Woodpans and a plastic encased ring, these Maestro Handpans feature the same overall design and architecture as the rest of their handpans, but at a very affordable price. This makes them the perfect instrument for beginners and entry-level players who want to get familiar with the handpan. 

And with their high quality–with balanced timbre, exceptional tuning stability, strength of tone, sensitivity of play, and great rust resistance–they are perfect for handpan enthusiasts and experienced players too!  

Check out one of these in the video below:


Sew, there you have it! Now that you're familiar with these amazing instruments, why not check them out for yourself?

Find Sew Handpans in our store and get started with handpans today!



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