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Instrument of the Month: Stellar Flutes

by Max Holmquist April 13, 2022

When we say that we are Gongs Unlimited, we're not just describing the non-limited nature of our Gongs, we're also talking about our unlimited love for intuitive and emotive sound healing instruments across the universe. Whether it's something new and unique like crystal pyramids or harp bowls, or something traditional like didgeridoos, shruti boxes, or ocarinas, we're here to connect you to it. 

So when the business spirit guides came down and said "Hey. Hello? Hey! Pay attention to me. Are you listening? You're not listening. I am trying to help you. I can wait here all day, for I am eternal. Paying attention now? Okay, good. Add wooden flutes to your collection of sound healing instruments and it will be good for everyone!" we said "Yes, we will do that," and we put our best minds on it. 

Today we are humming with delight to present you with Stellar Flutes. That's both a company name and a great description of their flutes, which are totally out of this world. Their family operation has been making high-quality flutes since 1995, now run by father-daughter team Tom Stewart and Lily Cox. Their flutes are carefully made from Western Red Cedarwood. They feature a simple design with an optional dark or natural finish. The beautiful design is inspired by the long-built Native American tradition of hand-made wooden flutes, developed and honed over centuries by the indigenous cultures in North and South America. 

We're currently offering a few options from Stellar Flutes, all of them perfect for beginners or professionals: two finishes (natural and dark), in three keys: A, F#, and G. Note: The flutes in the key of A are their smallest flutes, making them great for beginners, children, flute-playing kittens, pandas, or anyone with smaller hands. 

Click Here for Stellar Flutes at Gongs Unlimited

Their calming, clear tones bring instant meditative peace. Just listen to this one in the Key of A played by owner, operator, and flute-wizard Lily:

We are new to the world of flutes, so we are thankful to the flute-makers for their deep well of expertise. Watch some of their videos below for more helpful information on these amazing flutes and how to get started with yours. If you want to do some further reading, there are links to some of their written blog posts all the way at the bottom of this page. 

The Beginner's Guide - Tom explores the history and basics in this long-form, oldie-but-goody video guide:

Learn the Basics - A quick guide to your first flute: 

Flute Lesson in A - Celtic Scale:

How to add your flute block:

Troubleshooting Common Voicing Issues:

Maintenance for Stellar Flutes:

So there you have it! Stellar Flutes! We're so excited to get into them with you all. If you got one of these amazing flutes and you watched all of these videos and you still find you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us! If we don't have the answer, we'll reach out to the Stellar people above and get the answer for you!

Happy Fluting! 

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Max Holmquist
Max Holmquist


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