Reverberations #8 - Healing your Gong Spiritually and Venus Retrograde

by Andrew Borakove August 05, 2015

Gongs Unlimited August 2015 Newsletter - HOORAY!

In this simmery summery newsletter we discuss how to spiritually clean your gongs...

... and how Venus (at least in 2015) might be causing you and yours to have some spiritual growth, so why not make it easier with some Venus tuned instruments...

Cleaning Your Gongs Without Touching Them

Oh, don't we know all about all the issues of cleaning so many different types of gongs with so many different types of cleaners, and protecting the gongs from further decay or damage. There isn't a day that goes by at Gongs Unlimited that we don't have to do it here, or speak with a customer about it. That will certainly be the topic of another newsletter, and we will make more educational videos on this topic soon.

But the topic we hope to be eloquent about today is: CLEANING THE ENERGY OF YOUR GONGS.

Let's dispense with the formalities. If you're reading this, you know that everything is energy. (Not just juice-filled toddlers.) Scientists, mystics, and many people who have taken hallucinogens accept this fact. Who are we to argue?

Sure, we all like to expound on how a gong helps people move their "energy", and the sound it creates is sound "energy", but let's take a step back and look at our pretty metal circles and see them as energy too. Your Gong is Energy.

You might notice the energy of your gong seems different after you've used it to do some intense sound healing, or played it for a new class of yoga students who complained, "You play weird compared to our regular teacher," or just had to deal with your hungover neighbor upstairs throwing energy at it because he wanted to stop you practicing so early in the morning... even though it was 1 in the afternoon!

Now part of this noticing of energy being off, may very well just be your own internal energy. The good thing about this style of cleaning gongs we will suggest is that you can also clean yourself, your "energy" the same way. It requires no chemicals. In fact, it requires no crystals, no burning sage, no holding it up in the glow of the full moon while dancing naked. (We're not against any of these rituals. Some can be a lot of fun! We're just suggesting something simpler.)

A Recipe for Cleaning Your Gong Energetically

1) Have the room that you and the gong are in be quiet. No interruptions. Just you and the gong(s) you would like to clean.

2) Find your space. -- Sit. Close your eyes. Breathe. -- Whatever techniques you do to center and relax. Take your time. Do it without the gong. Let Gongy sit in her or his space separate.

3) When you feel quieted down, then, using your inside voice (by that we mean your spiritual, inside your head, voice) ask God, the Divine, to clean off the unwanted or foreign energies from your gong. Ask for it to be healed. Ask with the intent that it will happen. (If you have any doubts about this type of simple prayer-request working, ask for these doubts to be healed.)

4) Ask also that any places inside you - aura, chakras, body, thoughts, etc - that are keeping any energy stuck to the gong - for whatever reason - be released.

Sit back and notice what you feel, or see, or sense.

Now we know a lot of people like to chat about their spirit guides or other beings that help them with their healing work, and would ask them for help initially. We don't have a problem with this, but we have seen that by asking God directly, that gong cleaning happens faster, or that other special healing guides trained in this are sent at the Divine's behest and do it with more skill. If you are doing energy healing, why not have the help of the Being that created all Energy?

(And sometimes, your local spirit guides can get stuck too. They may need a healing from overwork.)

5) Here's an interesting part of the recipe. Ask that any of your energies that you may have blended with the gong's energy come back to you. And if you have the gong's energy in your space, that the gong's energy goes back to the gong.

(Yes, I know, we all like to be "one with the gong" but really, the gong needs its space too.)

6) And finally, request that the gong's energy is reset and prepared for the next set of gong healings that you will be doing. Whatever they will be.

Yes, this is a simple, home-style recipe that doesn't involve any secret handshakes, extreme fasts, or ancient Egyptian prayers, so if you need to spice it up to make it special for yourself, go ahead. But if you keep the basic elements listed above, you should get a healing, your gong should get a healing, and the many people that you play the gong for afterwards will get healings.

That sounds good to us. And to your gong.




Welcome to our Hot Tub Space Machine: Where Gongs Unlimited will chat about how basic astrological awareness can be of help when using gongs and other instruments as spiritual healing tools. In this newsletter, the planet Venus has our attention.

(CAVEAT: We are not astrologers with decades of experience. If you need specific astrological help, please dial 911, or at least call a professional astrologer.)



In this marvelous universe we live in, we are able to use gongs (and related tools) to heal and meditate. Thanks in part to the calculations of Swiss mathematician Hans Cousto, and the work of others like the Kairos Institute, gongs have been tuned to tap into the energies and archetypes of the planetary bodies by matching the audible (to human ears) frequencies of planets.

To better harness the specific power of these planetary gongs made by Paiste and Meinl, it is beneficial to consider the movements and current positions of the planets. As above, so below is the old chestnut, but an amendment could be: As above, so be gong.

Each gong and gong player is a conduit for the healing energy being created and channeled, and the gong player gets healed by healing. Like Chiron, the wounded healer, your capacity for healing can be increased by your realization of your personal wounds. By understanding one's own inner cosmos, the gong player can better relate to other’s pain, and from there, create greater healings for more.

The movements of Venus may affect you more strongly if you’re born in the second month of spring, the time when new growth is in full swing, when the earth is buzzing and all of nature is beautiful and blooming. Yes, we're running with the bulls here – Taurus - the sign ruled by Venus.

Venus is the goddess of love, beauty and partnership. She points to the best pathway for social harmony in each of our lives and tells us where we struggle with confidence and self-esteem. She helps us find a strong sense of our own self-worth and value. Working with a Venus Gong can be very beneficial for a soul who incarnated with Taurus prominent in her or his chart. To balance things out, let us also acknowledge that Venus also rules Libra, that balancer, and the autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, so take a look at where Libra is in your chart and what it is doing.

It’s not random, however, that we're talking about Venus in this newsletter, because she’s doing a special dance right now. Venus stationed retrograde in Virgo at the end of July and wandered back into Leo on July 31st. She “Venus-walks” backwards through Leo until September 6th, 2015.

During the period of retrograde motion of a planet, we are reimagining (re-imaging) our approach to all things ruled by that planet. During this time with Venus retrograde, we will be able to find, or rather, won’t be able to avoid, situations where we can recreate our values and social relationships and our relationship to our self. What is important to you? Who is important to you? How do you find balance in the partnerships in your life, romantic and professional?

If you haven't noticed it, take a look at how your life has been the last few weeks: Have old friends visited or been in contact with you? Have you been reassessing relationships? Ending some? Building on others. (Editors note: All the Malletheads at Gongs Unlimited certainly have!)

On an individual level, the pathway for these Venusian energies can be seen by looking at where Venus is in your chart, and then by looking at the sign where she is active. In Leo, a sign where we can often find emotional hubris, egoism and a need for attention, Venus will bring our attention to these issues in regard to romance, social and professional partnerships, finances and our physical environment. You might step back and reflect on your self-esteem with regards to your physical appearance and find yourself feeling very self-conscious.

As each of us confronts some combination of these issues right now, we can re-emerge with new spiritual self-knowledge. We can, if we choose, to relate better to the souls with whom we share a stage, and to know more deeply that each of us is as unique as the arrangement of the planets in our chart, while still being the same, bodies made of star dust, souls all part of the Great Whole.

That all said, this is a great time to work with the vibration of Venus!

Whether a Venus Gong, Energy Chime, Tuning Fork, or whatever ritual items you have attuned to this planet - let them help heal place where you have been stuck. By releasing pain during this Retrograde in your relationship to yourself, your relationships with other, with your relationship with the Divine, you will then create a new space for Light and Love. Which is a sweet Venusian thing to do! Or the other side of the coin, is to validate where your relationships on all these levels are working and are strong! By doing this, you make the positive, stronger and more vital, It's a Libran Balance!

Andrew Borakove
Andrew Borakove


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