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Reverberations #9 - Stop Your Healing: Part 1 & Saturn in Sagittarius

by Andrew Borakove October 07, 2015

Gongs Unlimited October 2015 Newsletter HOORAY!

It's TIME for the Gongs Unlimited October 2015 Newsletter Paiste Saturn Gong Page Take a look around you. It's October 2015. But then again, maybe it's not, you could be reading this at a later date. Ah, TIME! So much a presence in our lives, at least when we are focused on body concerns or ego.

As spirits with a body, we are in time, in our body, but we are also outside of it, as spirit. Both at the "same time." Funny! Humorous, indeed.

This latest Gongs UNLIMITED Newsletter is about LIMITATIONS, be they self-imposed, or imposed by a planet, and how these limitations can help get rid of limits. Funny! Humorous, indeed.

Stop Your Healing! ( Part I )
(or How I learned to stop worrying about people I healed and clean them out!)

With a nod in the above title to the Stanley Kubrick film, Dr. Strangelove, or How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb, this month's newsletter's energy healing tip is not really about stopping healing altogether, because if you are reading this, that is what you are - a healer. You can't stop healing... in GENERAL.

What this tip is about is stopping SPECIFIC healings, so you can have your space, life, and thoughts back at the end of a gong healing. Get your space back and then you can do more gong healings that are even greater, if you like.

In an earlier century, about 25 or 30 years ago, I went through a very focused and intense clairvoyant training and healing program. (Without that training, I couldn't maintain running this Gong business.) There would be Saturdays where I might be doing psychic readings for 7 or 8 hours straight, and this was after four weekday evenings with 2 hour readings each night.

Readees would ask me at the end of a reading, "Aren't you exhausted after doing these psychic readings and healings?" My answer always was, "No. I actually feel better and lighter. I healed myself while I was giving to you."

I followed a simple process that I was taught, in which I would make separations from the readee, and then release all the matching blocks or energies that had been charged up by that reading or healing.

This two part process: separation from a readee or healee, and then releasing my matching blocks or stuck energies would create a great healing for me. I got more of myself free, removed limitations I had that were similar to the person I was healing. I looked forward to giving people healings all day, because really, I would be receiving healings all day.

I know there are a lot of gong players and sound healers out there that are doing amazing work with sound and meditation. I talk with you all the time, and I am impressed by your stories. But I also know, from hearing your stories that sometimes your energy gets scattered, or you can be tired from the events. It is with that in mind, I am going to suggest some techniques that you can practice and integrate into your self-care.

Right now, In Stop Your Healing, Part I, I am going to discuss a way to make a separation from your class, or healing client. Our subsequent newsletter will have Part II.

Okay. Let's say,

Your group Yoga Gong Bath is done.
The All Night Puja has been ended at dawn.
Your client in the private sound healing session has released all the stored trauma she can handle for the day. Etc.

Now it is just you and the gong, all alone.

At least that is how it appears to anyone just looking in. If you were to look at the energy, not the physical world, you would see you have a big chunk of a problem that you healed in from your client or students. (Yes, you have their problem in your space, on an energy level.)

And your client or student, you would see the layers of their aura had a new layer... of you! Your healing energy is still healing them as they go about their day!

And OMG, what's this? Both you and the healee have cords of energy connecting your heart chakra and throat chakra. You are still connected, because they thought you were amazing, cool, pretty, made them feel better, and well, you needed the validation because the last client or student or your partner didn't leave you feeling that good earlier in the day.

The above description of post-healing energy location is a basic one. There are many ways it could look, and even more ways how healers and healees' energies get mixed up. We are keeping it simple.

But think, if this happens to you healing after healing, pretty soon you are going to feel less energized, more stuck, and less centered.

Do you want to have your good healing energy floating around with someone else? Do you want to carry their problem for them? You can't solve that energy problem, it is theirs to solve. And really it might not even be theirs. You might have a second hand or third hand problem in your space.

Lucky for you, energy takes no effort to clean out or call back! In fact, if you struggle to release it or resist it, it sticks to you more. The first step in making a clean separation is to relax.

Now let us talk about the mechanics of stopping your healing, and break it down into several steps:

1) Sit, or lay down, and close your eyes and breathe. GROUND YOURSELF.

Sit, or lay down, and close your eyes and breathe. GROUND YOURSELF.

If you have a style of grounding you already feel comfortable doing, do that. If you want to use your gong to help you ground, do that.

A simple way to Ground is to imagine, in your mind's eye, your first chakra, at the base of the spine, connected by line of energy to the center of the planet. Take a little time and start to get into your body. Take a moment to feel grounded.

Allow energies that are not yours to go down the grounding cord to the center of the Earth. Don't worry the Earth can handle it. Let the grounding cord do it, don't try to push these energies down the cord like you are constipated. Just let the grounding cord take it.

How does this help? It releases foreign energy from your space so you, as a spirit, can get more in your body and aura. Grounding allows your body to feel safer, and keeps you from "spacing out."

2) Next, picture your aura around you, let it come two feet around you.

Next, picture your aura around you, let it come two feet around you.

Then create a neutral image, let's say for now, a bubble. Allow that bubble to have the power of vacuum or a magnet, and let this bubble zip around your aura, collecting up the other person(s)' energy.

If you don't like the image of a bubble, you can use a flower, like a rose, or a sponge, or cleaning cloth. Whatever is simplest for you.

If there were students you taught, let if get them all. If it was a client, let it take all their energy you healed in, or they put in your space. It takes zero effort to do this, it does it with ease. Just sit back and let this energy tool do it for you.

If you want to play the gong to help it along, please do.

When the bubble is full, let it go outside your aura, and then pop it! Explode the rose or sponge, etc.

Postulate that when it pops, it will neutralize everyone's energy and the energies will go back to the person or being they belong to. Just postulate this, you don't have to shepherd the energy back to them.

Do this a few times. Use a few bubbles. See if you feel a release of stress or pressure.

How does this help? Simple: Your energy works in your space. Other peoples' energy works in their space.

3) Time to call your energy back to you.

Again, energy is spirit, it does not require effort. It's your energy and it will come back naturally to you.

Visualize a GOLDEN SUN above your head, a few feet above you, outside your aura.

Postulate that it can call back all the energy you left with your healee, in their space, making sure they were better than when they came in, or with your students teaching them, or even just where it is in the room you were in.

The Sun will be a big magnet that only retrieves your energy. Do not worry about sucking back other energies that are not yours, just let it fill up. The energy may not come back as a gold color, but that is fine. It's your energy; you have a lot of colors.

When the Gold Sun is full, allow it to burst, and let your energy neutralize and go back into your crown chakra and fill up your body and chakras. You can postulate that just in case any energy did get into the Sun that wasn't yours, it will go back to where it belongs.

Then not only to end the healing but get even more out of it, create another Gold Sun above your head, but this time, fill it with the energy of validation for yourself, and then visualize the energy or vibration of something you want to create in your life. You can use your gong to help.

Do you need more money? A new relationship? More fun? Better connection with your guides? A new place to live? Bring in the energy of that with your validation and more of your energy. Let that next Gold Sun filled with this energy come in through your crown chakra, fill up your body and then fill up your aura.

Fill yourself with as many gold suns as you need to feel full... fulfilled.

How does this help? After your healing, you want to feel filled with your energy and the good stuff you are creating. After all, you just helped your students, healees, or whomever feel better.

Practice doing these techniques not only after healings, but also after a day at work, or dealing with a difficult person, or just for fun!

That's it for Part I.




Don't worry Beyonce. Saturn will put a ring on it.

Saturn is back in Sagittarius again. It took a brief break from June to September, but from now until the end of 2017 the planet of restriction, Saturn, is now in the zodiacal sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and optimism. Yin Meet Yang. Yang Meet Yin.

The Global Picture: Humanity’s beliefs, ideals, philosophies, religions (Sagittarius) and the leaders in these realms, may be going through some purging and cleansing (Saturn) of that which has over-expanded, has gone too far and not be of use, or a truth, anymore.

The Personal Picture: You feel the presence of Saturn in your life almost anytime there are ego lessons being learned.

Saturn is our patient teacher, repeatedly manifesting our lessons until we take them to heart, mind, and soul. When we’re not open to its lessons, Saturn’s presence may feel stifling. Our ego rages against its rules and limits. And of course, the more resistant the ego becomes, the more oppressive the limits appear.

Saturn’s cycle through the zodiac is about 28 to 30 years, and we feel its energy strongest as it arrives back to the location in the sky that it was when we were born (the oft-discussed Saturn Return).

It is that time when many people look at what they have experienced, and who they have become, and then make a decision how they want live now, who they want to be going forward. If you were born between November 1985 and 1988, the last time Saturn was in Sagittarius, you might be examining your self these days. Saturn may be suggesting you experience a rebirth.

However, it’s not just people in their late twenties that experience Saturn in all its glory. We all do, all the time.

To better understand Saturn’s presence and our ego; let’s take an example from daily life.

Imagine there’s a promotion or a raise available at work ( Expansion! Sagittarius!) and you’ve been passed over for it. Angry and jealous, you listen to and believe your frustrated thoughts. You become depressed over the disappointment you feel. Your ego doesn’t even let you think to ask your boss (Representing Saturn) why you didn’t get the promotion. Your job performance suffers; maybe you even act out towards your co-workers. You don’t see it, but for those around you it is totally clear why you did not get a raise, or were not promoted.

Saturn smiles at you serenely. It is waiting for you to pass through its rings. When we allow Saturn to constrict us, versus fighting it, we can use that constriction to purge false beliefs of our ego, and emerge through the rings to the other side, changed, building a stronger pathway between our soul’s purpose and our earthly manifestation.

Let’s stop that despair movie described above, and instead imagine that rather than sulking or blowing up at your coworkers, that your hurt ego settles down and you take time to reflect on why you didn’t get a promotion.

You think to yourself, “Well, I do show up late at least once a week, and my boss does have to remind me to do work that I know I have on my plate, but I always put it off to the last minute. Why would anyone reward me for that? I’ve gone too far. I’ve been acting like an entitled prima donna.”

So you decide to go to bed a little earlier and start arriving on time every day. You get your projects done earlier and if you have down time, you begin to ask for more responsibility. Three months later, your boss notifies you that you’re being considered for a promotion. (And a Nobel Peace Prize… but this is only because she has a sense of humor.)

It’s not easy to step outside of your ego to observe it. Some people erroneously believe you have to destroy it to attain enlightenment. But trying to obliterate it just makes it bigger and gives it more power. It becomes the War on Ego then, and we know how successful the War on Poverty and the War on Drugs and the War on Terror have been.

That is Saturn’s help for us. By constricting things, it makes us aware of them.

In fact, if we would think of it as less of a constriction, and more like a hug, we might love what Saturn does to our lives more and more.

The Gong Healing Picture: A lot of Gong Players and Sound Healers shy away from Saturn, because they want to expand and make everything better and happier, a Sagittarian Ideal - and so they choose gongs like Jupiter! Chiron! Earth!, Etc. - so they see the constriction of Saturn's energy to be against that desire. They fall into the old thinking of the past, where ancient astrologers even named Saturn as a malefic planet, because where it is in your chart often shows where you have work to do.

But the humor in that is Healing Oneself is "spiritual work." Your clients are working on becoming more whole, more connected, more free. And sometimes looking at issues, patterns, lies, and trauma requires the focus and determination and patience of Saturn. You need to constrict yourself a little.

So gong healer, take a look and notice if the people coming to you are full of excuses, or need to be more regular in the work to get through their "rings."

Or notice if that is one of your dynamics.

If it is, it may be time to bring a little Sound of Saturn into your Sound Healing practice.

Andrew Borakove
Andrew Borakove


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