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Schlagwerk Table Tubes Review from Gus Kund

by Max Holmquist April 09, 2020

We offer a range of table chimes with great sounds. Schlagwerk's Table Tubes might be our favorite. They are a great addition to a percussionists toolkit, for accent sounds or for melodies. They're also good for at-home meditation and prayer, clearing your energetic space or making meditation music.

Our Unlimited friend and patron Gus Kund is a gong and percussion aficionado. He has a bunch of great gong videos on his YouTube channel and put together this review of Schlagwerk's Table Tubes (TRS210) for us.

Here, he plays the tubes and talks a little bit about why they're so great, and the mallets he likes to use with them.

Follow Gus and the "I love Gongs" YouTube channel here.

We love the sounds of these tubes. They're calming and meditative. They have a clear, bell-like tone with long sustain. The individual tube position can be adjusted to lengthen or shorten the sustain.

They're tuned to the F pentatonic scale. The set comes with two additional tubes in E, to allow for playing and creating sounds to the C pentatonic scale.

  See them in our store: Schlagwerk Table Tubes (TRS210)
Gus recommends a Paiste M13 Mallets with these tubes.
They also play well with our Unlimited Uttam Mallets.

Max Holmquist
Max Holmquist