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The 18" Subatomic Gong Vibes on North Dakota

by Andrew Borakove May 03, 2017

What do you think of when you think of North Dakota?

Flat? Cold?

Angie Dickinson, the actress?

Canada's Underpants?

Sure we all do.

It's hard not to think of North Dakota without thinking of that area of Canada's crotch between Saskatchewan and Manitoba. But get your mind out of the cold cold gutter, people! Do you think about the Mallethead at Gongs Unlimited named Angela?

That's her photo above.

She is from North Dakota.

She is a full-blooded Indian. Not Native American!

From India, India. Even though she doesn't look like it. Cause you can't believe your eyes in North Dakota.

But it's all real.

North Dakota doesn't follow the Newtonian or Einstienian rules of physics. LOOK!



Picture of North Dakota rush hour traffic.
North Dakota isn't real... as we know "real."

It is nothing more a reflection of a small part of the inner part of the CERN (Large Hadron) collider, you know where we smash atoms to bits and and watch them. We have been smashing things long enough that it has ripped a hole in the quilt that is the normal Earth, and in that stuffing is.was.may be North Dakota. At least that what we think, or us in a parallel North Dakotan universe think has happened. NORTH DAKOTA!

It's really microscopic... but oddly it looks huge.

It is really asymmetrical, but looks rectangular.

It's really crowded, but looks barely populated. That is why Angela can hold this Subatomic Gong.

She knows its subatomic vibe. She is Subatomic and North Dakota and Indian and she is always in motion and always at rest. Just like this marvelous gong that can bring just interesting tones, or marvelous healing vibrations, or dogs and cats in love, or the end to politics and religion as you knew it.


Andrew Borakove
Andrew Borakove


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