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The Sacred Space Gong Stand

by Andrew Borakove December 06, 2017

Look at the Sacred Space Gong Stand being so COOL in this photo sent to us by a customer! Imagine using your gong outdoors! You’ll experience different sonic flavors as the sound of your gong blends in with Nature, discovering more about your gong- and yourself.

The Stand installs easily in your garden, backyard or lovingly landscaped area. Both Stand and Gong can handle the elements and can be left outside throughout all types of weather. (Mallets do not like the outdoors. They should live inside with you). Except maybe instances with very strong winds. Hurricanes or Blowhard Politicians? Then take it inside!

Fresh air is good for one’s being. Gonging is good for one’s being. Combine the two with the Sacred Space Gong Stand…new from Gongs Unlimited.

Sacred Space Outdoor Gong Stand for 15" to 17" Gongs

16" to 17" Gongs on the Sacred Space Outdoor Gong Stand



Andrew Borakove
Andrew Borakove