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The VadeGONGcouer Combo

by Andrew Borakove October 05, 2017

The quantum world is where we make atoms collide so we can decide whether their naughty bits are waves or particles. It is a place that is a non-place; it pissed off Einstein and now makes modern physicists cling vainly to strings, as they try to theorize everything and no-thing.

This subatomic universe is as empty and fulfilling as fantasy, as determined and malleable as the future, and unreliable and truthful as memory. It baffles us with pot smoke and funhouse mirrors.

We like to think that the rules "there" in the subatomic world are not related to our everyday existence, but the Malletheads of Gongs Unlimited posit that we are "there," that we already live in a Subatomic Everyday World.

You can track your day, your life, as a wave - where you rolled and moved in a line, a graph, a piece of area. No distinct moment of hardened particularity...

Or you can see your existence points, particulate, discrete moments (occasionally discreet).

You can even be both. Or neither.

But even then you may ask, why name this gong the VadeGONGcoeur?

Because as we all travel around on this supercollider of a planet, appearing and disappearing, being smashed into and broken up, going back and forth from matter to energy... it's fun to remember the other particles we bumped into. (Or were we waves that rolled together?) Phuck if we know! We're all moving supraluminally, people!

And so there was our pal, the last name of Vadeboncoeur - a French Soldier's name that means "to go with good heart" - and belonging to a friend the Mallethead collided and rolled with way back when, in the time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth! We saw hempasaurs that spaced out on things like why those assholes T. Rex had such giant heads but tiny arms? We traveled about the ice floes watching immense reptiles giggling as they died, contorting their bodies into weird positions to mess with the paleontologists they knew one day would dig up their bones.

Here's a photo that physicists took of us during the earlier collision. Do we look like particle or wave to you?

We were pretending to be that to fool the physicists observing us.

We named the gong thus
VadeGONGcoeur - go with heart of gong.

But Vadeboncoeur himself suggested these
GONGdeboncoeur - gong with good heart.
VadebonGONG - go with good gong

We accept any of these as the name you may like!

Andrew Borakove
Andrew Borakove


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