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Happy Grandchild Gong Stand for 24" to 26" Gongs



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This listing comes with stand and mallet.

Think about your children, your children's children, their children too. Think! What kind of world will you leave them? Future generations will look back upon us and cry "Grandma! Grandpa! Grand Canyon! Lil' Grand X! Don't buy a gong stand that isn't environmentally friendly! We want to live! We don't want to have to eat, drink and breathe plastic!" They will know which way the smog blows.

Because you want a happy, clean grandchild who breathes happy, clean air, you're going to look for a gong stand that is made from 95% post-consumer recycled plastic like this one! Don't waste your time on a gong stand that isn't environmentally friendly. This gong stand does not pollute. As they say in the slogan factories, "Green is the New Black!"

Stand Measurements:
Height: 44.5"
Outer Width: 40"
Interior Width: 28.5"
Depth: 24"

What gong stand would be complete without a a great video from Joshua explaining the best methods and practices for assembling that gong stand? Take a look below:

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