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Grotta Sonora 40" to 46" Sitting Bowls - FREE SHIPPING

Grotta Sonora


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This listing does not come with a mallet. Each bowl is unique in sound and design. The photo shows an example of how these might look, not the exact bowl you'll receive. Please review each video. Once each has sold, we won't get another like it, but we will eventually get more Sitting Bowls, so check back for more.

Please Note: Domestic shipping is free on this item only. If you want to have this item shipped outside of the continental US, you'll need to call us first at 402-474-4664, or contact us here. If you add other items to your cart please contact us before ordering, or we will have to contact you to calculate and collect additional shipping cost before we ship.

40" Sitting Bowl with Golden Spiral (#DBR822)

46" Sitting Bowl with Spiral (#GSB563)

46" Sitting Bowl with Spiral (#HSV912)

46" Sitting Bowl with Spiral (#YBB392)

Grotta Sonora designed their Sitting Bowl as a giant inverted bell meant for people to sit inside and play with flumis or other mallets (see our video above for recommendations), allowing the sound to be felt and heard in the most direct way possible. The experience is like floating in a bubble of sound.

They are made from an alloy with a high presence of nickel mixed with stainless steel. This special mixture creates a gong that is both physically durable and sonically complex, perfect for sound therapists working with clients, or for personal meditation and practice.

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