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Sabian Zodiac Gongs (Special Offer)



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This listing includes a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

There may be twelve signs in the Zodiac, but only one Sabian Zodiac Gong. Rather than make twelve different gongs--one for each sign--the Sabian folks made their Zodiac Gong entirely different! No simple Bronze Gong is this. Oh no. The Sabian Zodiac Gong is constructed out of Sabian's unique Nickel-Silver alloy.

So, what kind of sound does the Zodiac Gong give us? A splashy-crashy one, yet still focused, with sustaining overtones that come on after the splash, gently pouring over you like a strong waterfall. Splashy, healing, joyous... That is the Zodiac Gong. And for that we say, like the Hawaiians, "Mahalo Sabian, for your Zodiac Gong. Now pass the poi."



The 24" Sabian Zodiac Gong is a very unique gong. What makes this gong special is that it isn't your usual gong, It's made of a Nickel-Silver alloy. This gives the gong a very splashy, yet focused with sustaining overtones.

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