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SoundSmithing Unified Heart Sound Plates - White Light / Full Heart



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This listing comes with one Sound Plate, hanger, two mallets, and a carrying bag.

Note: Each of the sound plates listed here is unique. Once each one sells, we won't get another one exactly like it, but we will eventually get more that are similar.

The new Unified Heart Sound Plates created by SoundSmithing are symbols of unity and harmony, pointing to a synergy of perspectives and the reconciliation of opposites. They are about Embrace: in feeling, in action, in fluid motion.

The plate spins through space and the sound of Embrace is projected out in every direction. In stillness and in motion, they are a physical representation of unified duality. One heart inverted over another, each holding the other while at the same time being held. Spinning and singing, the idea of separation disappears. The edges spin, the circle at the center finds focus and unity.

The White Light / Full Heart design is made of Nickel Silver with a unique hammering pattern on each side. It receives more hammering than the other Unified Heart designs, with a more experimental approach in its creation, yielding a unique look and feel. Hear this beautiful, one-of-a-kind instrument in the video above and get it while it's available.

Top of String to Bottom of Heart: 21"
Height: 12"
Width: 8"

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