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Imperfect 36" Solar Flare on Lunaphonic Stand



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This listing comes with the gong, stand, and mallet only. Imperfect items come as is. We can't accept returns on this item, but you're getting a good deal on a great gong, stand, and mallet.

Note: The stand in the video is NOT the stand you will receive. The gong and stand in the photo are not the exact items you will receive, but an example of what this combo will look like.

The 36" Solar Flare Gong ripples out with concentric circles of light and dark. Waves of sound crash and retreat and fly out from the rimless circle we call a gong.

The base of each vertical of our Lunaphonic Wood Gong Stand is moon-shaped. Two half moons that equal a whole, supporting a big, full moon shaped gong. On this planet, we cannot escape the influence of the Moon. Our lives as spirit are begot from the Sun, but our love and emotions grow thanks to the Moon.

Gong Stand Measurements:
Height: 55”
Width (Top): 48”
Width (Bottom): 52”
Depth of Feet: 21.5”

This gong came to us with a minor sizzle that can be heard when played at higher volumes. The stand it is paired with has been used as a floor model. Besides this, this gong and stand combo still looks and sounds great, so we are offering it at a discount.

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