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ArchAngel Gongs

Yes, we are all spirits... who happen to be having a experience in a human body right now. (At least we assume so if you are reading this!) And this human experience over lifetimes, includes feeling separated from God and then becoming the Prodigal Son or Prodigal Daughter... and returning, and reconnecting to the Source, the Creator, Supreme Being, Allah, Yahweh, God. (Choose the name you prefer.)

It also includes when on our path receiving help and guidance from healing spirits and angels. You are not left hanging out to dry, left out in the wilderness alone. You only think that.

All you have to do is call them. Call for help.

That is why Gongs Unlimited created our ArchAngel Prayer Gongsto be helpful in this spiritual communication, in meditation, prayer and healing.

We don't claim to be experts in the various levels of angels like Seraphim and Cherubim and others, and where the ArchAngels fit into the hierarchy, but the Head Mallethead at Gongs Unlimited knows when he has clairvoyantly watched Archangel Michael at work... that Archangel Michael was pretty hardcore powerful! And the healing he received from Uriel was also of the "take no prisoners" type. And Raphael is a very focused and effective spiritual healer. And Gabriel! Of course, the wonderful Gabriel.



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