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7" to 8.5" Gongs on the Pretty Chill Gong Stand



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We have a great deal of 20% off these gong and stand combos as we make room in our warehouse!

This combo includes a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

The Pretty Chill Gong Stand is the result of a long collaborative effort with a Chinese furniture maker. There's nothing more chill than a diplomatic, collaborative effort around the globe to bring you a lazy day gong stand for the end to your weekend.

Tomorrow might be Monday, but you've still got an afternoon full of gong playing, tapping away at your crisp gong on the most even keeled, mild mannered light wood gong stand around. Kick back, you've got the perfect ambiance to get you through.

Gong Stand Measurements:
Length: 13"
Height: 13 ½"
Width of Base: 3 ⅛"


The 7" Bao Gong produces light and clear bell tone that falls gently on your ears. It is delicate and pure.

The 7" Chau Gong is an efficient piece of bronze. Small but loud and clear. Nice work, 7" Chinese Chau Gong. You do a lot with a little.

The 7" Ma Gong is clear and present, but not too intense. It's crisp and smooth, but not a punch in the face. It's cool and collected.

The 7" Mother Tesla Gong, lovingly referred to as, Baby Mama, has no drama. She actually dispels drama with one smooth smack of the mallet. When that clear, solid tone rings through babies and mamas and papas go silent. Listen.

The 7" Wind Gong is strikingly similar to its friends of 6" and 8". With a clear tone, this gong will leave you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. No, this does not mean you will become a squirrel or a fox or even a bunny with a fluffy bun on its bum. But you may feel a bit more calm inside and henceforth go outside where the bushy-tailed creatures may feel more safe to come and sniff around beside you. Once step closer to peace between all critters. That is what we hope gongs can do in you.

We're in the process of making a great sample video to illustrate this size and type of gong. If you are interested in purchasing this gong, but need to hear it first, please contact us here and we can create a quick video for you.

The 8" Atlantis Gong is a small gong rings a big reminder of the power of the sea and the magic you may find there. Salt is a cleansing element and it is what gives this gong its unique design. No two Atlantis gongs look the same!

With their rough, unlathed exterior, the 8" Atlantis holds a clear tone with splashes of unexpected vibrations.

When you can't hit the beach, hit the Atlantis Gong and remember that magic happens everywhere and you can swim in good vibrations any time.

The 8" Bao Gong produces light and clear bell tone that falls gently on your ears. It is delicate and pure.

In Chinese, BAO means TREASURE or SOMETHING PRECIOUS. It has two syllables to the Western Ear. (Bow-uhh). And of course this Gong is precious. Not in the Lord of the Rings sense of Precious, but in the way that it sounds beautiful and it should be treasured.

Why waste time on diamonds, mined with blood, and that do not have an intrinsic value commensurate with what they are sold for. In fact - your fiancee would appreciate a Bao Gong much more than a diamond for her wedding ring, if she understood how much more valuable a Bao Gong is compared to that stinky ol' heated carbon that diamonds are.

And oh how delightful and radiant this Bao Gong is on our Pretty Chill Gong Stand. For it is pretty, but relaxed in its support of the Bao Gong. Like a husband who knows he has married above his level, his wife, a pulchritudinous demigoddess that he merely stands next to as they wait for their table at the restaurant.

He is the stand; the wife the gong. His mallet merely waits for when the arrive home after dinner to create the sweet sweet sound that comes when it touches the Bao Gong's nipple. For all is love. All is sound.

The 8" Chau Gong may be small, but this is the only gong to be inspired by the MTV-era Rock Music Fellowship, Van Halen!

When you play this 8 incher, you will be a member of GONG HALEN!
Become the David Lee Roth of your universe.
And sing this song to the tune of "Jump":

Well can't you see me gonging here
I've got my mallet against the record machine
I ain't the worst that you've seen.
Oh can't you see what I mean?

Might as well gong. Gong!
Might as well gong.
Go ahead, gong. Gong!
Go ahead, gong.

Oh sweet chocolate. Oh dark chocolate. The 8" Chocolate Drop Gong, how it inspires us all! It is beyond a food. It is a legend. It is myth. It is now also SOUND.

What does Chocolate Bronze sound like? We Malletheads at Gongs Unlimited believe it could be this gong. Our Chocolate Drop Gong. This small one is like a chocolate kiss...for your ears.

It shall not leave you high, it shall not leave you dry. It will make your life perfect for a moment. That elusive moment of perfection. Because right then you will know that nothing is perfect ever, and yet everything is perfect all the time.

And what more can you ask of a gong?
Nothing...and everything.

Join us in Blissiness. That is the business of bliss.

The 8" Dark Star Gong has a musky sound. A note that plays high pitched but with contrasting undertones...But when we say the Dark Star Gong has hints of musk, what do we mean? Well, what is musk?

It started with a deer. The Musk Deer has a musk gland is positioned between its genitalia and the belly button, and this gland secretes wonderful pheromones to attract mates. This is what Ryan Gosling wipes all over his body before the cameras roll.

In perfumery, the term “musk” doesn’t always apply to the actual musk, but rather designates the overall impression of the fragrant composition. Most typically, the musk note is described as an animalistic nuance, with a lively, contrasting nature.

That lively contrasting nature is also seen in another well known Musk, Elon Musk. Sure he is a human, but he gets people excited just like the odor of musk. He is the creator of Paypal, Tesla Motors, SpaceX. (In his last lifetime, he was Thomas Edison.) If you struck him with a mallet, he would sound like a Dark Star Gong, for sure.

Say hello to the Divine with the 8" Ma Gong.
It's like square dancing with the Virgin Mary.
It's like having Mohammed pose for you, so you can draw him correctly.
It's like being blessed by the lint in Buddha's bellybutton.

What can we say?
It's just what happened when we put the two things - gong and stand - together.

The 8" Mother Tesla Gong may be small, but she holds a mighty space. Unlathed gongs hold a strong tone in a heart of bronze.

No matter what you do, this gong holds space for you and will ring through truth when you need to hear it.

For as Yo-Yo knows, mama don't take no mess.

The 8" Wind Gong is a bright spunky wet kiss in your ear! Clean and precise, it doesn't linger giving you tones that are dis-harmonic. It is a like a sexy French folksinger who has camped out in a Hong Kong Hotel, singing at the piano bar. Quel Magnifique!

You know who needs this gong: you folks who desire a pretty sounding gong that is small, doesn't cost much, and still packs a sonic punch. Someone like you!

This is a great gong for alerting the kids that dinner is served, or they did something good, or shutting up the bossy pontificator in a meeting by letting them know their time is up, or just signaling to your fellow hillfolk when the outhouse is available, etc.

The 8.5" Opera Gong is a pitch-bending gong. With most smaller Opera gongs, like this one, the note bends up.

This is a gong that makes you pay attention. This is a gong that doesn't let you drone on and on. This is a gong that quiets the kids, or rouses the crowds.

Traditionally, the Chinese Opera gongs were used to call attention to the Opera, to get people to come into small theaters and enjoy the show. And then they were refined to represent different characters. They work well with Chinese Opera singing, which is not like Western Opera.

Chinese Opera is often a grab you by the crotch and make you pay attention type performance.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

This warning applies to the gong stand.

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