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Flower of Life Gongs on Stands



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This listing includes the gong, gong stand and mallet.

The Flower of Life symbol can be traced back to a time in the second millennium before Christ. It is produced by six intersecting circles around the seventh central circle forming a hexagon on the crossing points.

Many people who study or use Sacred Geometry have found the Flower of Symbol to aid them in meditation. They see in Sacred Geometry the blueprints to Creation. Finding mystical repeated patterns in nature and existence - As Above, So Below - a person working with Sacred Geometry, like the Flower of Life, can meditate and gain answers to questions about the Universe and their own nature. The Flower of Life has appeared throughout history and in many cultures. The symbol can be found in manuscripts, temples and art throughout the world.



High C Gong Stand Measurements:
Length: 21"
Height: 25"
Depth of Feet:15"

The High C Gong Stand is made from is made from a specific mold designed just for us. It is super easy to assemble! No tools are needed. It has feet that you screw in and they stay balanced.

Eternal Present Gong Stand Measurements:
Width: 25"
Height: 24"
Depth of Base: 5"

The Eternal Present Gong Stand is made of beautiful, solid rosewood and presents your gong beautifully, so you don’t have to! Yes, now you can focus on the eternal moment, the infinite in the now, the presence of everything, the power of oneness with your gong.

Spirit Guide Gong Stand Measurements:
Width: 29.5"
Height: 28.5"
Depth of Base: 10"

The Spirit Guide Gong Stand The Spirit Guide Gong Stand is stained rich dark brown with hints of red. It is perfect for your home, your office, or your past life regression.

Easy to assemble, sturdy, and classy – when you are ready to make your gong look gorgeous, this is the stand for you.

Meinl Table Gong Stand Measurements:
Width: 32"
Height: 37"
Depth of Feet: 14"

The Meinl Table Gong Stands have a sturdy compact design, which allows the gong to be played in a comfortable position on the floor or on a table. It is specially designed to allow the gong to swing freely on the stand while remaining securely mounted.

Paiste C Floor Gong Stand Measurements:
Width: 28"
Height: 34"
Depth of Feet: 12"

The Paiste "C" Floor Stand is made from forged iron, it is nice and heavy. It ain't no hollow steel tubing. The metal is twisted into an aesthetic design. Because it is iron, its feet can be shorter in depth while still providing the same support as the other, larger stands.

Rambo Rimbaud Gong Stand Measurements:
Width: 30"
Adjustable Height: 40" to 53"
Depth of Feet: 30"

The Rambo Rimbaud Gong Stand is a fiercely poetic gong stand. The truth, we have found in our existence, is that sometimes the simple, utilitarian, and dare we say, prosaic, has an innate poetry to it. Not to say anything plain, or cheap, is poetic. Certainly not if the object was designed, like many a tract home by many a developer, only with profit in mind. But these gong stands are simple, pure and strong. And when you are with them, you feel a passion for clean black lines, the way the pieces of this gong stand fit together in an unusual way. The way they show off the gong, rather than themselves.

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