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Gongland Special Offer Gongs!!!

Once in a Blue Moon over Deutschland, the shipping company so jiggles and jangles the boxes that we receive, we can get some masterpiece gongs that arrive with some minor scratches.

It saddens and angers us of course, because these gongs are the work of experienced master gongmakers.

Their sonic integrity is fully intact! That's great news! But the small scratches are of a sort we cannot buff them out. Each gong has a video in which we 1) Play it for a while and; 2) show you the visual damage.

This all means that YOU are in luck, because we've discounted these gongs. They sound amazing, but you get a great deal. Check out our range of Special Offers from our selection of Gongland Gongs (while they last!)

These are all one of a kind, and once they are sold no more.  We are being as revealing and clear as we can be on these, full disclosure, full frontal gongity, so please note, once you purchase any of these, we cannot accept returns.