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Gongs of Nepal

Nepal, there, a lot of it high in the Himalayas, is a location, a confluence, where the Buddhist and Hindu religions met up, as well as various cultures and tribes.

Long before mountain climbers left piles of garbage on what the West calls Everest, all of us were racing there, climbing over rocks and yaks, leaning tight against thin ledges, learning to use less oxygen, all to touch the hand of our God or Gods, who we felt must be palpable here, at the top of the world, so close to us, that when they reached down from Heaven or the Heavens, we would be able to grasp their finger and pull ourselves up.

Now while Hinduism is the main religion with over four-fifths of the population of Nepal claiming it, and Buddhism being only ten percent, the reality is more complex than the national survey would suggest. Buddhism has been here a long time, and they both blend here, with people accepting various rituals from both, and other animist religions and mixing even Islam.

For just like we associate Nepal with mountains, it is actually a common family, a good portion of Nepalese live in the hills, not the mountains, and there are even low lying areas.

Just like when you make a gong, or a singing bowl, you mix various metals to create the magic that gives you a tone of beauty, that is Nepal.