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24" Bountiful Spirit Gong



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This listing comes with our Kumari Gong Mallet.

Note: The gong in the picture and video is not the exact gong you will receive, but an example of what these gongs usually look and sound like.

These beautifully engraved bronze gongs are hand-made in Nepal. Each gong presents a rich, complex fundamental tone with long sustain and a bright, warm wash that wraps around you. The overall experience of this gong is speculative and meditative.

They are engraved with a ring of eight Flowers of Life arranged around a beautiful central design. The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol formed from interlocking, evenly-spaced circles. Many divine geometric shapes and patterns can be found within this image, like Metatron's Cube, or the five elemental Platonic solids.

These gongs are a powerful tool for tapping into the endless power of the divine spirit. Meditate and reflect on the patterns found in the Flower of Life and connect to your Bountiful Spirit. This gong is the perfect accent to bring complexity to your sound therapy toolkit at the studio.

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