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Grotta Sonora 34" Harp Gong

Grotta Sonora


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This listing comes with the Harp Gong only.

Note: Each gong on this listing here is unique. Once each one sells, we won't get another exactly like it, but we will eventually get more that are similar.

34" Harp Gong (#GSH486)

Grotta Sonora's 34" Harp Gong is innovative, chimeric, a blend of instrumental styles united to create a truly unique instrument. The gong is made in the style of their Deep Gongs. Then, they've added pegs and tighteners with strings across the face, creating a harp across the top half of the face.

>To tune this magical instrument: Locate the fundamental note of the gong. A gentle tap near the center with a soft mallet should reveal it. (Hold your smartphone tuner app by the gong and it will show the note.). From there you can tune the harp strings to be in harmony with your gong.

If you've been seeking a new, unique instrument to add to your sound therapy toolkit, or your avant-garde performance troupe of eunuchs and centaurs, this Harp Gong is truly the choice. Add one to your collection of gongs and sound healing tools today and get to harping your gong.

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