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Meinl TMGS-3 Gong Stand (Floor Model)



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This listing comes with the stand only. The stand comes as-is. We can't accept returns on imperfect and special offer items like this, but you're getting a great deal on a good stand.

Note: The stand in the photo is not the exact stand you'll receive, but an example of how this stand usually looks.

The Meinl Framed Gong/Tam Tam Stand is designed to allow gongs up to 38" to swing freely while being played. (NOTE: You can squeeze a 40" gong in there, but it is tight.) The sturdy metal frame and base are adjustable to accommodate different-sized gongs. The base has an extra support for added strength!

This specific stand was used as a floor model for photos and videos. It's a great stand, fully functional and in good shape, with a few scuffs in the finish, so we've offered a discount just for you. There's never been a better time to get one of these gong stands.

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Stand Measurements:
Outer Width: 46"
Inner Width: 43"
Outer Height: 91"
Inner Height (from hooks) 84"
Lowest Inner Height (from hooks): 48.5"
Depth of Feet: 32"

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