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Unlimited Songbird Chime Stand (For Koshi and Zaphir Chimes)



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This listing comes with one stand for Koshi, Zaphir, or similar type chimes.

Gongs Unlimited's Songbird is a chime holder designed to hold Koshi, Zaphir, and similar chimes. The design aesthetically evokes the fluid movement of a gliding water-bird. This form allows you to create healing sound with your chimes in a visually stunning new way.

The Songbird has two parts: the holder and the stand/base. The Songbird can be set down on a table or floor, the two pieces together. Or you can lift the top handle off the base, carrying the chimes as you play, creating a moveable wand of sound.

Your chimes can float through a room and over your clients for a complete and fulfilling sound healing experience. The handle is designed to be held comfortably, to flow and react with your subtle movements. The hole in the handle allows you to carry it with just a single finger or to suspend it from a hook on a large stand.

Simple alchemical symbols of the four natural elements are etched on the holder above each hook. If you are using a set of Koshi Chimes, each symbol corresponds to Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, allowing you to easily organize you chimes to hang below their corresponding element.

The fifth hook at the center of the holder may be left empty if you are using four Koshi Chimes. The symbol above the center hook is an eight-pointed spoke inside a circle representing Space or Spirit. Or if you are using a set of five Zaphir Chimes, which are not specially suggested to be any one element, the hook in the middle is there to hold your fifth chime.

Stand Measurements:
Base Width: 8"
Base Length: 12.5"
Base Height: 18"
Total Width: 18"
Total Length: 14"
Total Height: 24"
Spacing between hooks: 4"

Learn how to assemble this stand with Joshua, the assembly wizard:

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