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Gong Pairing - Paiste 30" Platonic Year and Unlimited 40" Atlantis

Unlimited & Paiste


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This listing comes with one Paiste 30" Platonic Year Gong, one Unlimited 40" Atlantis Gong, and a Chinese gong mallet.

Note: This pairing is unique. Once it sells we won't have another exactly like it, so check our collection for more. The photos aren't the exact gongs you'll receive, but very good examples of how they will look. See the video for details.

One big gong is great, but how about two gongs? And what if we listened to all of our large gongs and hand-picked two that sound perfect together? You say that sounds exciting? Great! Because that's exactly what we did. Both of these gongs sound amazing on their own but they sound even better together.

Our 40" Atlantis Gong is created using experimental metallurgy, mixing seawater with the bronze when it's being cast. This creates a random distribution of density throughout the face of the gong, giving unique, magnificent coloration to each gong. It also creates complex, powerful harmonics building over a deep, heavy fundamental note.

The Paiste 30" Platonic Year Gong (F2 - 172.06 Hz) comes from Paiste's Planetary Tuned Gong series. It's made of nickel silver and carefully crafted, creating a beautiful, clean overall sound. It's tuned according to the calculations of physicist Hans Cousto in his work the Cosmic Octave, to match the scaled down, audible frequency of the cycle of the Platonic Year  (the 25,000 year galactic cycle).

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