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Melting Ice - Set of 3 Chinese Gongs



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This curated gong set comes with one Unlimited 18" Dark Star Gong, 22" Atlantis Gong, 26" Mother Tesla Gong, and a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

Note: The gongs in the photo are not the exact gongs you will receive, but an example of what this set looks like. This set of gongs is unique. Once it has sold, we won't have another one exactly like it, but we will eventually have more curated gong sets. Please watch the video below to see and hear if this set of gongs resonates with you.

One big gong is great, but how about three gongs? And what if we listened to all of our gongs and hand-picked three that sound perfect together? You say that sounds exciting? Great! Because that's exactly what we did. All of these gongs sound amazing on their own but they sound even better together.

Exclusively made for Gongs Unlimited, the 18" Dark Star Gong is designed to bring beautiful tones into your life. The Dark Star line resemble our Mother Tesla Gongs, but with a more musical bounce to their tones - yet still able to maintain a moodier sentiment. The tones will bring out your thoughts for gentle examination, and help you grow.

The 22" Atlantis Gong is a powerful piece of metal! It will be fun the day our intrepid bottom of the sea foragers find evidence of ATLANTIS, the antediluvian theme park! Atlantis, the Malletheads know, existed, as we were there.

The 26" Mother Tesla Gong is an unlathed gong, designed specifically for Gongs Unlimited. This is how a gong looks when it comes out of the oven. Most Chinese gongs have this color when they come out of their cast mold, but then are lathed to create different tones.

These gongs are wonderful for helping face tough internal issues with aplomb. It helps move those darker energies out, making room for Spirit. These gongs will allow you to tap into your reserve of strength to heal and grow into a greater person. They are beautiful on both a musical and aesthetic level.

Approximate Weights of Gongs:
18" Dark Star Gong: 5 lbs 6 oz
22" Atlantis Gong: 10 lbs
26" Mother Tesla Gong: 12 lbs 6 oz

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