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Oetken 16" Gongs (Symphonic, Sound Creation, Heart, Water)

Broder Oetken


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This listing does not come with a mallet.

The 16" Symphonic Gong is a great gong for carrying around during soundbaths. They are easy-to-carry and great for clearing the space. A gentle tap will give you a clear, bell-like tone and a solid hit will give you a crash.

The 16" Sound Creation Earth Gong was developed to evoke the feeling of the earth. Imagine a deep cavern, or fresh, dark earth in your hands, the feeling of grass on your feet. Imagine yourself with this gong.

The 16" Heart Gong, when played, in the initial moment represents the beat of the heart, and the subsequent residual vibrations bring you the blood rushing through arteries and veins. The sound of this gong, compared to a regular symphonic gong, is much deeper and yet also faster opening.

The 16" Water Gong, when you listen up close, you cannot help but experience the energy of the element of Water in your mind and body. Your cells will become aware of their liquid, you will see images from your mind's eye of various types of water. You will be inspired and remedied by the sound and by water


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