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Ollihess 70 mm Rubber Lava Friction Mallet



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This listing comes with one friction mallet.

Ollihess Rubber 70mm Lava Friction Mallets are sleek and textured black mallets, perfect for calling mysterious resonance from your huge gong (36" and above) through the magic of friction.

They are made of high-quality, natural rubber.  The handle is made of teak for maximum comfort and grip when using it with your very large gong.

Click here to learn how to care for and extend the life of your Ollihess mallets.

70 mm Edition Measurements:
Mallet Length: 8.25" / 21 cm
Mallet Head Diameter: 2.75" / 6.8 cm
Mallet Handle Thickness: .2" / 6 mm
Cork Grip Thickness: .75" / 17 mm

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