Steve Hubback Sound Healing Instruments

Steve Hubback is a musician and sound sculptor based in Europe.

We have been working with Steve for over a decade to bring you his handcrafted, hand-forged, one-of-a-kind pieces. His creations are equal parts sculpture, musical instrument and sound tool, perfect for connoisseurs of art, percussion and healing.

Steve made his first gong in 1990. Since then he has made sound sculptures, tuned gongs, and cymbals that have exhibited in galleries and has sold them to musicians and healers around the world.

Well-known world percussionist Andrea Centazzo says of Hubback’s gongs:

“They are ethereal, evocative and strong. Beside the fact that they are real sculptures worthy to appear in any art gallery. Real pieces of art applied to cymbals and gongs. For sure, he's the absolute master of contemporary cymbal and gong making."