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Pair of TTE Konklang Rebound Drumball Mallets

TTE Konklang


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This listing is for a PAIR of mallets. Not just one in the photo.

The Rebound Drumball Soft Mallet creates a fun rebounding effect which can be soft or intense depending on you. It’s all up to you, dear player. It's great on gongs, drums, or singing bowls. So what are you waiting for?! Add this mallet to your sound healing and therapy toolkit now!

Measurements (Approx):
Mallet Head: 2"
Length of Handle: 8”
Weight: 3 oz
Mallet Head Material: Rubber
Fleece Cap Color: Beige
Handle Color: Red
Handle Strength: Flex Fiberglass Plastic
Strength of the Ball: Middle-Soft
Attack: Soft

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