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TTE Konklang CK Gong Beaters

TTE Konklang


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These mallets are short-handled and furry.

Our vision (whether psychic or tangible) can be difficult to trust. To view only what is on the surface prevents complete understanding.

While these Gong Mallets may be envisioned as soft and docile due to their furry exterior (much like household cats), the true nature can be different.



Gong Beater

This particular mallet functions best on either 28" and larger nipple gongs or 36"-52" gongs.

This large mallet, beneath the fur, is very hard, perfect for fast attacks and aggressive rolls on larger gongs. Its short thick wooden handle makes this mallet easier to wield and more structured to stand strong through reverberations.

Total Length: 12”
Handle Length: 7.50”
Mallet Head Diameter / Height: 4.72” by 4.72”
Weight (Approx): 2 lbs
Material: Natural beech wood handle / Artificial fur

Terra Edition Gong Beater

This particular mallet works best on 22"-32" gongs.

These mallets are very hard beneath the fur, and are perfect for fast attacks and more aggressive rolls, while having some of the "clunk" mellowed.

Total Length: 10 5/8”
Handle Length: 7.90”
Mallet Head Diameter / Height: 2.76” by 3”
Weight: 9 oz
Material: Beech wood handle / Natural rubber / Long hair high quality faux fur

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