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Modern Antique Gong Stand for 22" Gongs



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This gong stand comes with a matching Chinese gong mallet.

The Modern Antique Gong Stand combines the delight of Asian design with the clarity of American design. It is a wooden stand that is beautiful and strong, a gong stand that believes down to its core that we can all influence each other for the good. Mixed Martial Arts, Mixed Marriages, Mixed Nuts... A Combo Plate, A Jazz Combo, A Combination of Hard Work and get the idea.

It instantly becomes a family heirloom that your ancestors will claim they bought, and that your descendants will fight over who gets it when you die. This gong stand can make a condo in Moscow look ultra hip, it is a Modern Antique!

Gong Stand Measurements:
Length: 44"
Height: 43"
Depth of Feet: 14"
Inside Length: 27.5"
Inside Height: 28"

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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