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Nepalese Mountain Blossom Gongs



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Each gong comes with a gong mallet. 

Gong Measurements:
Diameter: 14"
Rim: 1.5"

The Nepalese Mountain Blossom Gongs:

You are walking up a mountain path. Stepping over roots in the path, hearing the gurgle of a stream in the distance, brushing away humming mosquitos. This path is getting pretty steep and you're working up a sweat, but you keep trudging to the top. Finally, you're at top and find a large shady rock to rest on. Looking up, ahhh...blossoms! A hundred smiling faces hovering over you. In your mind this gong is ringing, a clear bell-like tone...Mountain Blossom Gong.  

This Nepalese gong is a bronze gong with hand-etched flowers and leaves. The black coating holds in the crash of the gong so it rings out like a bell instead of crashing. Each gong is etched by hand so etchings will vary from gong to gong.

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