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This gong comes with a cord suspended mallet.

Turn your good karma into great karma by buying a Tibetan Gong.

With each strike of this Tibetan Gong, you bring a little bit of the Himalayas to your home. Strike it enough times you might even fill your house with snow from Everest, a yak, or even a Sherpa, ready to help you carry your groceries up the stairs. Who knows?



Weight: 2 1/2 lbs
Metal: Bronze

This gong is made from bronze, a good metal for a gong. It allows the gong to have a good sound and keeps the pitch maintained.

If are interested in a gong stand, or are concerned about sizing, please contact us here.

Weight: 9 lbs
Metal: Bronze

Buy a few of these Tibetan gongs so you and your friends can hold your own Free Tibet concert right in your living room!

You might not get thousands of people to come like the Beastie Boys, but don't be surprised if Buddhist movie star Richard Gere is knocking at your front door ready to party. He'll bring the yak milk!

If are interested in a gong stand, or are concerned about sizing, please contact us here.

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