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Vietnamese Dragon Gongs



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The gongs in this listing come with a mallet.

The 9” Dragon Gong rings clear to tame or awaken the dragon in you!

The 10” Dragon Gong has a solid clear tone for clearing energy and refocusing your mind.

The 12” Dragon Gong is a great gong to remind you of your fire breathing power to clear your space and get moving.

The Dragon is one of the most used images in Vietnam. In the Vietnamese culture, the dragon symbolizes royalty and power. The dragon is the most important animal in Vietnamese myths.

It can live in the air, underground, in water. Don't mess with the Dragon, baby! The Vietnamese believe it can spit a lethal vapor which can turn into either water or fire, depending on its need.

The 14” Dragon Gong reminds you that you can always transform into your truest self.

The earliest known use of the Dragon in Vietnamese Culture goes back to the Dong Son civilization which was all the rage back from 400BC to 200AD.

Of course the Chinese stepped into Vietnam in a big way during that time til like 900 AD and a big influence to the Vietnamese Art. Around this era, the Vietnamese Dragons took on the characteristics of the Chinese Dragon.

Vietnam, forever feisty, became independent of the Chinese again and they designed a new dragon for them. It is more a a water dragon in comparison with Chinese dragon. As Vietnam has a lot of coast. This dragon has a thin and long body of snake, small head with long whiskers and mane, and fine legs with small claws.

The 17” Dragon Gong’s solid and true tone will take you back to a time when you believed in magic and walked with the dragons. Protective and powerful, this gong will liven up your home or business.

The 20” Dragon Gong is a beautiful addition to any gong collection. The low, deep tone keeps the dragon power grounded and full.

There is something truly mythical about The 28” Dragon Gong.  At this size, you can feel the deep vibrations through your whole body. Focus the power of the dragon and watch out for dragon breath!

There is something truly mythical about The 32” Dragon Gong. At this size, you can feel powerful, deep vibrations through your whole body. Focus the power of the dragon and watch out for dragon breath!

The Vietnamese culture loves dragons. And we love gongs. So these Vietnamese Dragon Gongs are a perfect match for us!

These Dragon Gongs from Vietnam are made of bronze and the Dragon image is etched into the bronze. The center "bell" or "nipple" helps create a clear, beautiful tone when struck. Smaller gongs will have high, clear tones. As the gongs get larger, the tone gets lower and deeper.

These are great gongs that can be used for clearing out spaces, energy fields, or just celebrating the return of Frodo from destroying the ring.

If we had a dragon bridge in Lincoln, Nebraska like the one in Da Nang (see video below), every day would feel like a celebration! Until that day, a gong will have to do.

Yes, it really breathes flames! 


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