Color Print on Small Gongs up to 12" - Logos, Words & Cool Things!

Gong Buyers of the World!

You can now, by decree of His Royal Majesty, the Emperor of All Gongs...

print on your small gongs (up to 12") in color! 

It is also decreed that this is NOT some cheap silkscreen that easily wipes off a gong, or gets messy and ruins the design, no, this is fancy computerized printing with UV light sealing it and it is pretty darn permanent!

Curious what an Direct Printed Gong looks like?

Take a peek at the slideshow below and keep scrolling for more info.

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How do I get my gong printed?


Yes, it is basically permanent.  No one can wipe off the printing we do on your gong with some glass cleaner or similar.

First you need to purchase a gong. You can email or call us and let us help you discern the best gong to get to show off the image or words that you want to put on it.

Please do not ask us if we can print on gongs larger than this. We cannot.

Any regular English letters or numbers we can do without much from you. We have many fonts available. Take a look at It is best not to choose a font that is very curvy, or looks distressed, etc. Choose a font from the serif or sans serif sections.


We prefer it in a file format called "eps". Your graphics department or computer pals can help you with this. (JPEGS just don't  cut it. And no PNG files.  We can do Adobe Illustrator files and some PDFs if design is simple.)


(NOTE: We can't do printing of your watercolor paintings, do not send us those.)

Let's be clear, the color printing service takes a LITTLE EXTRA TIME. Most of the year the whole process takes 7 to 10 business days. NO OVERNIGHT ORDERS for printing! Sorry. 



How much is this going to cost?

PLEASE NOTE: We always do art proofs of what you are getting printed before we touch the gong, however these proofs are not for free. They cost us money. Please do not ask for a free art proof before you purchase the gong.  If you must have one, the price is 20 dollars, which can be applied to the engraving if you go forward with it.


To give you a GENERAL idea of all depends on the time it takes them to do it. Complex designs can cost more. For most designs the printing fees are usually from $45 to $70.


How do we charge for your gong and the printing?

We usually process printed gongs with two charges. One for the gong and shipping, to begin the process and art proofs, and then a final charge once we know the printing cost.


Because printing is based on time (!!!) not size or design, and that changes with each item. Our estimates above are usually right on. We have been printing of gongs since 2012, so we know things, and we totally keep you in the loop the whole way.

So you're interested in color printing a gong?

Call us with questions at 402-474-GONG.

Or please fill out the form below and we'll answer all your questions!

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