Engrave-A-Gong | Unlimited Custom Engraving and Color Print Processes

Gongs Unlimited is pleased to offer ENGRAVING on many of our wonderful gongs and mallets!

Please check out our *NEW* permanent Color Print process which produces mind-blowingly detailed color graphics on any gong up to 12" in diameter!

Buying a gong for your business? Engrave it with your Logo!

Buying a gong to kiss-up to your Zen Master? Engrave it with the answer to their favorite koan!

Or buying a gong to wake up your bed-mate for some nookie? Engrave it with a picture of a favorite position! The Pinky Flamingo? The Marianas Trenchcoat? Or, of course, the Soviet Onion...

All good stuff.

Yes! Whatever the reason, sometimes it's nice to engrave a gong.

Click Here to Engrave Gongs up to 48" in Diameter

Click Here to Color Direct Print Gongs up to 12" in Diameter

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