Mr. K's Hard Gong Cases - Custom Made

Mr. K has been making instrument cases for a long time. Since before Y2K, OK?  Only on the largest ones does he charge more than 1k, as you can see below.

They are high quality and can be tweaked in size or design if you have very specific needs.

They are all custom made.  We don't have them just sitting about.  Hence, they usually take 2 to 3 weeks to make. Though if Mr. K has some free time he has been known to do rush jobs.  BETTER TO GIVE YOURSELF SOME TIME.

This is a hard case that is perfect for traveling in planes, trains and other public transportation, or if you want to make sure your gong is very well protected.

Prices below do NOT include shipping

  • 24" Gong Case - $350
  • 26" Gong Case - $380
  • 28" Gong Case - $430
  • 30" Gong Case - $500
  • 32" Gong Case - $600
  • 34" Gong Case - $650
  • 36" Gong Case - $750
  • 38" Gong Case - $850
  • 40" Gong Case - $930
  • 48" Gong Case - $1,070

You need to email us to chat or call us up to order this item! 402-474-GONG(4664).

If you want more info about getting one of these cases for you gong, please email us by filling out the contact form below. We'll answer you as soon as we can!