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12" Cross Engraved Wind Gong (Clearance)



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This listing includes a gong mallet.

What Would Jesus Gong? We don't know, but it could be this 12" Cross Gong. Though we tend to think he would use a really large one so that the masses he was teaching would have been able to hear it.

Back then, you know in the days before box store Mega-Churches, they didn't have P.A. systems broadcasting to 20 thousand parishioners. Back then, they didn't have a Bible Belt, they had a little leather strap to cinch the toga. Back then, they all were created from stem cells, but they didn't fight over them.

This particular spiritual gong starts out as a 12" Wind Gong, which is then engraved with an image of the Cross.

We can do different styles of crosses. If you are curious about variations of the Cross Gong, please contact us here.

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