14" Yin Yang Gong on Au Courant Stand



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This listing includes a gong, gong stand and a matching mallet.

Do you have a spiritual retreat in the city?
A wellness center in a hospital?
A tea store next to a block of Starbucks?

Is your Medical Marijuana Emporium in Venice, California is serious need of some design help? Then this gong may be the perfect one for you.

A gorgeous 14" Mother Tesla Gong etched with the ineffable and timeless Yin Yang symbol is the perfect gong to Feng your Shui all the way back to balance.

The tone is sublime and raw.
The design is modern and ancient.
The feeling is sharp and soft.

Even the ancient symbol, which is Taoist/Chinese is on a gong stand that has a French name about being very much in the present.

This gong combo is a melding, a balance, an embrace.

The Malletheads sang once, in a playground, that we wanted to make a gong, that would change the world, to bring it to perfect harmony. This gong is it.

Purchase this gong and bring harmony to your world.