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15" to 16" Gongs on the High C Gong Stand



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This combo includes the gong of your choice, the High C Gong Stand, and a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

The 15" Pasi Gong is the perfect balance between a clear, meditative tone and a bright bundle of overtones to give you a gong that is contemplative and joyful.

The 15" White Gong has a nice shiny sound.

Let the treble take you to a place of shining wonder and joy. Let the magic come crashing back into your life.
Let the shimmering, shining glory and peace wash over you. Share the light with your friends and colleagues, gong magician.

Wave your wand, flick your wrist, fill each and every heart and soul with joy, gong artist. Tap this beautiful white disc of wonder for an enthusiastic burst of joy and a boost in your holistic health. Awaken the dreams of your childhood with this gong, the mythical bringer of joy, the circle of healing.

This gong comes in at a whopping 15" of celebratory, healing happiness. While it crashes easily, it will greet you with rich, bright healing tones. Don't you worry about a thing, just reach out and tap the wonder, joy, happiness back into your life. It is yours for the taking, gong player, smile wearer. Yes, happiness is yours, with the 15" White Gong.

The 16" Atlantis Gong is a gift that reminds us of a treasure found under the sea in the kingdom on Atlantis where sound was used regularly for healing.

In the heating and cooling of the Atlantis gongs, something magical happens. Colors blossom on the surface. No two Atlantis gongs are alike, but all have a depth of sound combined with unique sound flavors that no one can resist.

Every hit is a unique dance toward healing and joy.

Approximate Gong Weight: 4 lbs

The 16" Chau Gong is a classic gong.

How classic?

When one thinks Blue Jeans -
you think Levi Strauss or Wrangler.

When one thinks Ice Cream -
you think of Vanilla or Chocolate.

When one thinks Gongs on Gong Stands -
you think a Chau Gong on a C Stand!

This gong will last the centuries. You will pass this down to your children and they will give it to their children, and their children, until one day, many many many generations from now, when we have reached the Singularity, or the Event Horizon, or the Debt Ceiling... all these gongs will be at the center, all ringing and singing and gonging... And you will know, from your perch on the spiritual levels, that you aided humanity's advancement. Good Job!

Approximate Gong Weight: 4 lbs

The 16" Chocolate Drop Gong is a scintillating reminder of why we have a BRONZE AGE in our human culture development... because bronze like this is magical and marvelous and breaks up the clogs in your consciousness and opens your mind to the Golden Inner Light that can be yours just for asking.

Bronze like this - well it makes sense want to be like it and put bronzing lotion on our skin. It makes you think that the character should have been called BRONZIE, not FONZIE from that HAPPY DAYS TV show.

It does not steal elections, that is for STEEL, instead it sounds out the truth, and hopes you hear it. It does not IRON out problems you have, it eliminates them. IT IS MAGICAL SWEET BRONZE and it would never prostitute itself like ALUMINUM and be used as a foil to food. It is the star and protagonist, BRONZE is!

Approximate Gong Weight: 4 lbs

The 16" Dark Star Gong is smooth and dresses well. Women and Men turn their heads when it walks into a room, graceful like a puma, and charismatic like a Young Hollywood Star promoting a movie in Tokyo. It carries moods like Shostakovich and John Zorn. It gives Medeski and Martin their morning Wood. It's flavorful and spicy thick like a bowl of ceviche made by a big chef in N'awlins. This gong, its sound healing brings depth to the most blonde, and this gong brings lightness and joy to those who have worked at the DMV for decades.

The 16" Dark Star Gong is the percussion instrument that can unite the separated Dakotas and/or Carolinas! So many years have these states have suffered from their internecine squabbling. It is a gong that makes Belgium want to change its name to Gongium. And then eat Gongian Waffles and drink Gongian Beer!

It is a gong that allows you to see in your mind's eye the Fourth Wise Man, not spoken about in the bible, but who was there, a little later as he was checking in at the inn down the road where he had gotten a good deal because he was a regular customer and they knew him, yes this Fourth Wise Man actually, and who was the most practical, and see his gift -- DIAPERS!

A gong that reminds you that you need no reminder to remember that you are a part of the God and the Divine Universe, because you burn bright in the darkness of these days. For you are a DARK STAR.

Approximate Gong Weight: 4 lbs

The 16" Eventual Horizon Gong is like the Chau gong, with an added pair of lathed and unlathed bands added to the outer rim. This adds to the complexity of the harmonics and overtones, while keeping the gong relatively balanced between a clear, bell-like tone, and a complex, loud crash.

Approximate Gong Weight: 4 lbs

The 16" Mother Tesla Gong is inspired by futurist, visionary and science man, Nikola Tesla.

Very little is known about the afternoon teas he would share with his fellow science folk. The contents of only one of these non-apocryphal meetings have survived to the present day. Tesla frequently met with the original dog whisperer, Ivan Pavlov, to discuss the training of pets and other interesting experiments involving Diet Coke and Mentos.

Tesla's mother was making sure her science boys stayed well-nourished. She made the best ginger-snaps in town. Nothing encourages the pursuit of knowledge like a well-made cookie, as they would soon discover...

At one meeting they were discussing Pavlov's work with the effects of aural stimuli on canines; Pavlov was lamenting some of his results. He had been attempting to ring a bell as the trigger for salivation and was achieving an undesirable outcome. Only regurgitation! No salivation! Glancing down at their plates and noting the round shape of the cookies they were sharing, sweet sweet Mother Tesla had an epiphany.

"Have you thought of trying a gong?", she asked Pavlov.

Pavlov was immediately keen on the idea. And asked for seconds of her snappy gingers.

"I think I have spare 16" gong in the pantry I can loan you," Mother Tesla offered.

"That would splendid. I am eager to try it out!" Pavlov responded.

Nikola Tesla beamed with pride at his mother's imagination and intelligence. Gong in hand, Pavlov departed to his laboratory. He immediately set up the 16" Mother Tesla Gong on an early version of a High C Gong Stand that he had been using for another purpose unrelated to science but more related to laundry. The gong and stand together seemed to alter something in the room that Pavlov could only describe as "the mood".

The dogs began rolling around in joy, their tongues lolling in ecstasy and he had yet to strike the gong. He picked up the mallet and gave it a tentative tap. The dogs were suddenly granted the ability to open the latches on their kennels. They gathered around Pavlov in a perfectly symmetrical sunburst pattern.

"Sit," he said.
And they sat.

"Speak," he said.

"What can I get you?", he asked.
They all stared at the gong. So he continued to strike the gong. And the dogs were happy, tails a'wagging.

Of course, Pavlov's goal was not to make dogs happy. He ultimately returned to the bell, making adjustments to temper its effects, make it sound more like a gong to canine ears until he achieved the desired result…But he kept the gong around and whenever his experimentation subjects needed an aural palate cleansing, he would bring it out and play it for them long into the night.

The 16" Mother Tesla; making dogs, people, and Nikola Tesla happy, in the world of science and beyond.

Approximate Gong Weight: 4 lbs

The 16" Lunar Flare Gong is appropriately named, for its sounds move the water in your body in a way to loosen stuck emotions, if you work with it. It works the stuck sounds in your body so you can release them. It takes you from the Dark Side of the Moon, the brilliant reflective Light Side.

Approximate Gong Weight: 4 lbs

The 16" Solar Flare Gong is round, of course, and it lacks a rimmed edge. It is flat on the edge, so those bright shiny layers crash and splash. The darker, unlathed circles of the Solar Flare Gong provide reconnection keep the sound tighter, more grounded.

Approximate Gong Weight: 3 lbs

The 16" Subatomic Gong is named after the particles that are smaller than atoms. Unified, these particles make up atoms, which make up every layer of life in space.

When all circling together the particles keep everything running in all the ways we choose to run our energy and lives. Split apart, these particles explode in ways that can destroy or help us learn something entirely new. For what is destruction, but a form of purification?

At least that is what Lord Shiva would say for Shiva is responsible for change both in the form of death and destruction and in the positive sense of destroying the ego, the false identification with the form. Hence, in destruction nothing is destroyed, but the illusion of individuality, the illusion that we are all separate from each other. That is why Shiva is the diety for the modern physicists.

Sends shivas down my spine!
In a good way, of course.

Destruction isn't easy to witness or experience. But with the Subatomic Gong, the message is banged into our cells a bit more easily. For this gong has a darkness to it's voice that the traditional Chau doesn't. With the extra lathed circle of light like a halo of enlightenment, the Subatomtic has zipped around this universe a time or two. It knows the dance of light and dark, up and down, split and fused, giggles and groans up and is ready to help.

Approximate Gong Weight: 4 lbs

Wind is in the rustling branches.
Wind is howling in the secret, crooked corners of the attic.
Wind makes the clouds look like bunny rabbits.
In short, wind is versatile.

And now you can harness a bit of that versatility for your very own, with the 16" Wind Gong!

The Wind Gong can handle almost anything that's thrown at it- from a puff of breath to a full-fledged cyclone. And the High-C Gong Stand included in this combo provides the stability needed should things reach gale force. Or just Gail, your neighbor, stops by, dyspeptic.

And lest you think we're leaving you like the breeze- just remember- wind can be a great provider, but it also has another side. A DANGEROUS WACKY SIDE!

If the wind gets angry and there are buildings all around- remember to keep track of where the windows are!

Approximate Gong Weight: 3 lbs

The High C Gong Stand is made especially for Gongs Unlimited. It is made from a specific mold designed for us! It has feet that you screw in and they stay balanced.

Gong Stand Measurements:
Length: 21"
Height: 25"
Depth of Feet: 15"


Watch our stand assembly master Sara as she walks you through it:

Follow along as Stephanie walks you through an assembly trick with this stand:

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

This warning applies to the gong stand.

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