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16" Vietnamese Tuned Dragon Heart Gong (F3)



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This listing comes with a mallet.

Note: Each gong is handmade by folk artists using traditional, centuries-old methods. Hammer marks or scuffs may appear on the gong. This is not damage or an outlying imperfection, but an indication that this gong is unique.

Dragons are popular in Vietnamese culture. And we love gongs. So these Vietnamese Dragon Gongs are a perfect match for us!

These gongs are made of bronze with an ornate dragon etched into the face. The center "bell" or "nipple" helps create a clear, beautiful tone when struck. This one is tuned to F in the 3rd octave. F is associated with the Heart Chakra in some circles, so we've called this one the Dragon Heart Gong.

These are great gongs that can be used for clearing out spaces, energy fields, chakras and channels. Add it to your sound therapy toolkit today!

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