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22" Ganesha Wind Gong



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Yes, this comes with a gong and a mallet.

The 22" Ganesha Wind Gong is a special gong that we are selling.

Inspired by the Hindu diety, Ganesha, and even more so, by the elephants that are alive on Earth, with each purchase of this 22" Wind Gong, we will donate 20 dollars to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee in the USA. This is a great sanctuary where elephants who were abused or lived tough lives, and suffer from things like PTSD and likes are able to live and recover.

We've actually sent over 1000 dollars worth of gongs to the Elephant Sanctuary - for the elephants to play with. They were purchased by a charitable lover of elephants!

A great gift, this is an engraved Brisk Wind Gong. It crashes easily and leaves a shimmery wind sound in the air.

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