22" Ganesha Wind Gong on Stands



Yes, this comes with a gong, gong stand, and a mallet.

The 22" Ganesha Wind Gong is a special gong that we are selling.

Inspired by the Hindu diety, Ganesha, and even more so, by the elephants that are alive on Earth, with each purchase of this 22" Wind Gong, we will donate 20 dollars to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee in the USA. This is a great sanctuary where elephants who were abused or lived tough lives, and suffer from things like PTSD and likes are able to live and recover.

We've actually sent over 1000 dollars worth of gongs to the Elephant Sanctuary - for the elephants to play with. They were purchased by a charitable lover of elephants!

A great gift, this is an engraved Brisk Wind Gong, it crashes easily and leaves a shimmery wind sound in the air.



The 22” Ganesha Wind Gong on the Fruity Buddha Gong Stand is named in honor of the Chinese horticulturist's years of fine work that culminated in growing pears in the shape of the Buddha. This cuddly pear image reminds us of the loving energy of the elephant friends you can see reunited in the video above.

Gong Stand Measurements:
Length: 33"
Height: 35"
Depth of Base: 27"

The 22” Ganesha Gong on the Holding Space Gong Stand is perfect for the minimalist who wants the maximum out of their loving, elephant energy! For the gong enthusiasts who are prefer something less ornate, we offer this simple circular metal gong stand.

Tubular, and light in weight, this gong is perfect for light or moderate playing. However, it is not for heavy, consistent playing. Minor assembly required. You need to tighten 2 screws!

Gong Stand Measurements:
Length: 30.5"
Height: 33"
Depth of Feet: 17.5"

The 22” Ganesha Wind Gong on the Spirit Guide Wood Gong Stand is a beautiful combo. The stand is stained a rich dark brown with hints of red and comes with a matching mallet.

A Spirit Guide is a spirit like you, who currently does not have a body. Their job is to guide you in one or more sections of your life. They are there to guide us home, to guide us to the next step. We always hope those steps lead to happy reunions like the elephant reunion above.

Gong Stand Measurements:
Length: 34"
Height: 32.5"
Depth of Feet: 14"

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