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24" to 26" Chinese Gongs on the Paiste Floor Stand

Unlimited & Paiste


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This combo includes a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

The Paiste Floor Gong Stand is also called the Paiste "C" Stand. This gong stand is often preferred by kundalini teachers. You can sit and play the gong while easing your students into meditative calm.

Made from forged iron, it is nice and heavy. Because of the weight of the iron, the feet do not have to be as large to support this gong stand. The Paiste Stand will not blow away.

Gong Stand Measurements:
Length (across the "C"): 28"
Height: 34"
Depth of Feet: 12"


The 24" Chau Gong is deep, but not too deep. Subtle as a gong, but not so shy as to get lost in a party of sonic delights. A gong impressive, but not so full of itself to compete with you for attention.

This 24" Chinese Gong is like a stream that fills your mind with water to cleanse the stuck dams of insecurity, frustration, or loss.

Perfect gong to celebrate, anoint, surprise, honor, commence, conclude. It is the center of the gong pantheon.

The 24" Atlantis Gong, a gift from the deep. It's a gift from the deep ovens in China where this gong is created. It's a gift of salt and heat which gives the Atlantis Gong its deep color flavor. It's a gift of remembrance from the deep underwater wisdom of Atlantis.

The 24" Mother Tesla Gong

The 22" Mother Tesla Gong is a dark, compelling, mysterious gong. (It is also great to engrave words or your logo on.) It has a deep, dark fundamental tone with a contained, mysterious crash of overtones.

The 24" Solar Flare Gong is gorgeous and unique gong to play. It is warm and bright, with control and balance to the crash.

This 24" Subatomic Gong, closely related to the Chau gong, comes with an extra lathed ring. An extra ring of shining bronze means an extra layer of shining sound.

So the Subatomic Gong holds a deep low tone, the strong rumble that gets your cells vibrating. Then it ascends, expands into tones and shimmers a bit faster than a traditional Chau.

We're in the process of making a great sample video to illustrate this size and type of gong. If you are interested in purchasing this gong, but need to hear it first, please contact us here and we can create a quick video for you.

The 24" Wind Gong is also called the Feng Gong. It will crash and splash when struck with enough force. And that crash and splash could be compared to the wind. Hence its name.

The wind moves things in this world be it trees or trash. When it ruffles your hair, the wind changes things in this world. The wind can turn things inside out in this world, umbrellas, tents, skirts - Woo! After a crash of wind, a splash of wind, a bright surprise that takes your breath away - the atoms settle once again. Everything returns and nothing is the same.

The 24" Wind Gong is where Wind Gongs begin to get enough weight, that you can have them have a deeper tone and sustain.

Let this gong blow you away.

The 26" Atlantis Gong is a unique gong, made just for us! And each one looks slightly different. The gong making process allows for the science of metallurgy to mix with the art of the gongmaker to mix with the magic of fire to create each one of these gongs!

We call them Atlantis Gongs because we imagine, if our film director/submariner James Cameron, were to discover Atlantis in one of his old up and downs in the Marianas trench, and he was to bring up a gong from there it would look like our Atlantis Gong.

The 26" Atlantis Chau Gong mixes the classic look and feel of the traditional Chau gong with mystique and depth of our exclusive Atlantis gong.

The science of metallurgy and the art of the gongmaker combine to create a gongs with differing coloration and varying pockets of harmonics throughout the gong. The classic lathing pattern brings balance and control to the overall sound, making this gong something special that's a must-have for sound alchemists, therapists, healers and musicians.

The 26" Chau Gong is an iconic Chinese gong.

Made of bronze, the Chau Gong comes out of the oven completely dark-colored, like the outer ring and bullseye, then the gong makers skillfully lathe off the dark part to reveal the shiny ring in the center. They do this on the front and back. There is a rim on its outer edge, and that is where the two holes are drilled that a rope can be put through to hang the gong.

The 26" Chau Gong has a deep meditative quality and can be built to a loud volume that can lead to the classic gong wash.

The 26" Chocolate Drop Gong is similar to the Chau Gong. In fact, it is basically a Chau with the outer dark ring lathed off.

This makes the Chocolate Drop Gong not only look brighter than the Chau Gong, it can make it sound brighter too.

The 26" Chocolate Drop has more depth and flavor and overtones than the smaller versions.

The 26" Dark Star Gong is mysterious, yet reveals mysteries. It can restore your hardware, it can make your Toyota brake dance, it is the First Airbender.

Able to hold deeper notes longer, without the fear of premature crashing, the 26" Dark Star is a gong for those of you who have ears that like to hear things that are more than the normal. For minds and bodies hungry for a flavor and soul healing that is new.

The 26" Eventual Horizon Gong approaches the center of absolute zero, closing in on unity. You look to the center of it all and see yourself. You approach the event horizon, in a spatial moment just beyond, the Eventual Horizon.

The sound of the universe reverberating through a wave field of strings and bands of light and darkness meets you and welcomes you back to the union of all things.

The 26" Lunar Flare Gong - with its concentric rings, mixed with the fact of its rim, which comes from the Lunar Flare being in the Chau style of gongs, creates a powerful medium sized gong. The lathed rings focus the sound at the player or listener, like a loose echoing laser. The rim also keeps control of the direction of the sound, versus the Solar Flare, which is in the Wind style of gongs, and whose sound radiates from the edge of the gong.

The 26" Mother Tesla Gong doesn't crash, it calls to you with a steady tone.

With this gong, you'll find that things are truly different today. For this is the gong that makes you happy. Oh yeah, baby.

The 26" Solar Flare Gong has at its base structure the 26" Wind Gong. No rim. It is based on the flat wind gong, that angles at the edge down.

Where it differs is visually of course. The concentric lathed rings. The rings slow down the inevitable crash and wash that a Wind Gong gives. It controls the down. Yes, the Solar Flare Gong can build to a crash, but the tone is less wild.

Plus you can play it softly and keep the tone clear without the crash of a wind. Like a solar flare it can be a tone that flies out of the gong from a point and then is done.

This is gorgeous and unique gong to play.

The 26" Subatomic Gong makes you wonder. How is that extra flavor created? Why would one extra lathed ring on the outside make such a difference?

This gong is outside the box. It has the classic deep, but controlled crash like the Chau Gong. But instead the sound vibrating through a dark rim, the sound flies, splashes, zips out of the shining lathed edge.

Yes, the Subatomic Gong has an edge.

The 26" White Gong, though not literally white, is an innocent believing gong. The gong responds to your touch, and with just one gentle touch it comes to life.

With more strength, watch out! It awakens thoughts of the mythical White Unicorn, which some say is the love child of a horse and a narwhal. It's an evolved narwhal as we walking bodies evolved from our sea ancestry.

The White Gong can open communication with our ancient roots! It's a gong worth exploring.

Because magic and unicorns are Gongs Unlimited.

The 26" Wind Gong has a deep tone that gets splashy with repeated strikes!

The wind moves things in this world be it trees or trash. When it ruffles your hair, the wind changes things in this world. The wind can turn things inside out in this world, umbrellas, tents, skirts - Woo!

After a crash of wind, a splash of wind, a bright surprise that takes your breath away - the atoms settle once again. Everything returns and nothing is the same.

Let this gong blow you away.

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