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32" Bodhicitta Gong



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This listing comes with the gong and mallet.

Gong Dimensions:

Diameter: 32"
Depth: 6"

This solid color Thai Gong brings ancient Asian sounds into the modern world, reminding us that linear time – past, present, and future - is an illusion. With a gong like this, everything is one.

We cannot guarantee that this gong will arouse bodhicitta in you, but it would be nice if its vibration could help clear your noisy mind enough to center you.

What is Bodhicitta? It can be translated as the “Heart of the Enlightened Mind.” It speaks of a particular compassion familiar to practicing Buddhists. It is not the compassion that seeks to alleviate suffering by addressing hunger, poverty, illness, etc. That is a valuable part of our day to day world, but rather it is the compassion that Buddhists speak of when they wish to end all suffering – the goal that all beings attain a mental and spiritual space where one is not attentive or attached to the “self” but rather connected to a greater “Self” and at peace regardless of what situations we are in.

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